Electronic News Gathering Services is an independent open broadcast &

uplink provider located in Greece, providing full OB, D-SNG & ENG services

plus a range of broadcast equipment for hire.


The range of operations include Greece, the European Union, Cyprus, Turkey

and the respective peripheral regions,

 ensuring that your demands are met to a high degree, both technically

and logistically, regardless where in the world we are deployed.


Aiming at cooperation on long or short-term basis,

we wait for you to contact us for detailed discussion and rates

upon your needs and projects.


Our headquarters are based in Naoussa - 60m from Thessaloniki -

close range from all European Region major capitals, we aim to offer

a swift response to breaking news ,sports and entertainment events.




OB1 - HD

SNG fleet

flyaway equipment



we plan to deliver a major viewer

experience in all field & court sports

plus motor sports and thus

communicate the passion & momentum

of each sporting activity. Our

experience in the field helps arrange

the operations in a manner that

turns every broadcast in a

thrilling experience - for the viewer -

and a chilling one for the

production team.


concerts & events


whether a small hall, large venue

or a vast arena we can assist

in the designing and staging

of a memorable show for your

audience, producing a

seamless - technically and

also artistically -  stunning

event , yet to be discussed from

the opening to the finale.


news gathering


planning a news reporting,

talk show coverage deployment,

catching a top story? Real news

happen in the 'vast outside' ,

from a city center to

the most hostile environment,

and we can be there to grab them

for you.

We don't just record news,

we live them.






Post address:  Venizelou 6, 59200, Naoussa, Imathia



 Phones:  +30 6977 340012

                 +30 6974 031418

                 +30 23320 25698


Contact e-mail:  engs@engs.tv

Booking e-mail:  bookings@engs.tv


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